Time to Spring clean your finances?

It’s been a challenging year on many fronts and spending a day getting on top of the state of your finances, putting some measures in place to make some savings, could be time well spent.

Try to arrange your financial spring clean on a weekday so you have scope to call banks, credit card issuers, health insurers, and other financial services providers who are easier to contact during office hours.

And you will also need all your tools — financial records, current tax return, mortgage, credit card and bank statements — close at hand. Internet access is also important as there are many things you can do on line.

Easing into retirement

If the thought of retirement gives you mixed feeling you’re not alone. For those who have spent most of their lives at work and derived a lot of their sense of self from what they did for a living, it can be a challenge to contemplate stepping away from work. At the same time, for many there is a sense of anticipation of greater freedom in terms of how you choose to spend your time.

The good news is that retirement is no longer an abrupt departure with the gold watch. These days, retirement is far more fluid.

You might simply want to wind back your working hours to give your mind and body room to breathe. Or you may want to leave your full-time job but keep your career ticking over with part-time or consulting work. Others may dream of leaving the nine to five to run a B&B or buy a hobby farm.

 Managing big life changes

You’ve probably heard the saying ‘change is as good as a holiday’. And sure, in some situations, altering your circumstances
can be refreshing. But not all major life changes make you feel immediately clear, secure, and ready to take on the world.

When everything you know is turned upside down, moving forward successfully is not a quick snap – it’s a transitional process.

Navigating through the darkness before the dawn is tough. Conversely, many people struggle with sudden good fortune. The good news is, countless people like you have been there before. They’ve struggled with decisions and made mistakes so that you don’t have to.

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