Protecting Families from ‘Health Poverty’

Poverty is not just a financial measure – it can also affect health. But life insurance can help manage the risks.
More than 40% of Australians report such low levels of physical and mental wellbeing that they are defined as living in ‘health poverty’, according to new research.
It suggests many Australians are unaware of the risks they face given life and disability insurance levels continue to decline.

Retirement Village or Lifestyle Resort – what is the difference?

At first glance one could be forgiven for thinking there is no difference between traditional retirement villages and what are becoming known as lifestyle resorts.
In fact, even a slow drive past or a visit could leave the casual observer completely in the
dark as to the differences between these two forms of “over 55’s” retirement accommodation.

Has Peak Inflation Arrived?

Inflation, a concept explained simply as the cost of living, has risen in the US at a pace not seen since the 1980’s. The Consumer Price Index’s (CPI) 6.8% surge has been driven by sharp increases in the prices of goods as the demand for products continues to outweigh the supply.



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